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Cognize health - VBC Platform

Value-Based Care Transition made efficient

Enabling providers and provider groups to succeed in value-based care through enriched solutions

Value-driven care solutions that make a difference

Maximizing value and Minimizing costs through advanced and predictive analytics, seamless interoperability and streamlined AI-enhanced workflows.

Cognize Health - VBC Platform

Simplify care transitions by delivering the right data to the right player at the right time.

Keep track of practice performance in real-time and dive deep into the crucial parameters that determine the effectiveness of value-based care.

Reduce Clinician Burnout
Enable providers to concentrate on care delivery through less paperwork and enhance care coordination for improved care outcomes.
Quantify metrics for efficient operations
Track cost of care, quality and performance metrics to increase operational efficiency and shared savings.
Enhance Care delivery
Enable quicker and more efficient care delivery with a fluid interoperability platform and easy-to-use UI, where the right data is available at the right place.
Increase patient experience
Increase patient engagement and experience by streamlining workflows to identify care gaps, reduce readmissions and better involve patients in their care journey.
Enable patient-centric value-added care
Use data-driven insights, predictive analytics and SDoH data to track and manage patient risk and provide whole-person targeted care.
Leverage the potential of Data Unification
Integrate and harmonize diverse healthcare data from various sources into a single, comprehensive view by bringing together clinical, operational, financial, and patient-generated data.
AI-Powered Clinical Workflows
Efficiently automate clinical tasks and enhance patient care with AI-Powered Clinical Workflows, utilizing voice-to-text technology to streamline note-taking and seamlessly interact with multiple EHR systems for real-time patient information access and updates.
Seamless Integration of 3rd Party Applications
Effortlessly integrate third-party applications into a unified ecosystem, enabling seamless ingestion and exchange of clinical, financial, and operational data, optimizing workflow efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making.

Take control of costs and maximize value with our data-driven solutions.