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Accelerate strategic growth while offering your patients affordable value-added care.

Enhance the effectiveness and quality of care through meaningful insights designed to improve collaboration of care teams across the ecosystem.

Cognize Health - VBC Platform

Comprehensive solutions with actionable insights into the market, rates, physicians, and patients to improve care

Streamlining Care through Granular Insights
Enable connected intelligence throughout the care continuum by transforming vast amounts of data into actionable insights, facilitating healthcare organizations to make proactive decisions throughout the healthcare ecosystem.
Accelerated Report Loop-Closing
Revolutionize the claims process by having clinical activity summaries within days, fostering better communication with payers and strengthening payer-provider partnerships
Proactive Decisions through Comprehensive Data
Gain a complete view of patients by integrating genetic, behavioral health, clinical, financial, administrative, and social determinants of health (SDOH) data, empowering providers to make proactive decisions for personalized and value-added patient care.
Addressing Care Gaps for Patient Satisfaction
Address access gaps, improve healthcare outcomes, and manage total care costs to increase patient satisfaction and meet the demand for personalized medicine.
Empowering Payer Discussions
Empower providers with comparative value delivery and rate transparency, to make strategic conversations with payers, facilitating optimal provider - payer partnerships, and driving efficiency in the healthcare ecosystem.
Streamlined Point of Care Insights
Gain relevant insights at the point of care through a comprehensive information tool, empowering providers with customized dashboards, automated data extraction, performance reports, and targeted outputs for effective population health management.
Driving Success in Value-Based Care
Enable providers to enhance their network with high-performing healthcare providers, aligning care delivery, closing gaps, managing risk, reducing costs, and promoting targeted patient and physician engagement for coordinated care.

Introducing Cognize Health's VBC Platform: Empowering Providers for Care Excellence

An successful strategy for enhanced care

Cognize Health's VBC platform strengthens care equity by leveraging advanced analytics to deliver timely insights from diverse health data. It enables seamless care coordination across providers and settings, improves patient outcomes while reducing costs, and enhances medication management and patient engagement.

The platform simplifies reporting for quality measures, including those required for MSSP, and integrates claim data for a comprehensive view of patient history.

Join us in revolutionizing your practice and driving positive outcomes for your patients with our transformative VBC platform.

With our care collaboration platform, stay informed with unheard-level of complete information across the healthcare ecosystem.

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