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Identify, attribute, quantify, and remain informed about providers and medical groups

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determining potential health equity indicators,
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Derive actionable insights for risk adjustments

Cost Effective care - Predict and avoid readmissions and excessive utilization of resources

Maximizing Value-Based Care Performance
Engaging Providers for Quality Care
Optimizing Financial Outcomes and Care Efficiency
Seamless Data Access and Proactive Care Approach
Transforming Healthcare Ecosystem with Virtual Care Collaboration

Empowering Care Managers with Data-driven Insights for Quality Care and Financial Success

Cognize Health's platform empowers care managers with robust tools and features for data visualization, predictive analytics, risk stratification, and quality measure tracking.

Our platform enables health plans to gain valuable insights into patient populations, identify high-risk patients, and track progress toward quality and cost goals.

With performance reporting capabilities, health plans can ensure reimbursements are paid based on the performance and quality of care rather than patient count. Additionally, our platform aids in developing financial benchmarks for critical care settings and implementing them effectively.

Bundled Payments - Enhance patient care and reduce overall healthcare spending

Bundled Payments involve a single, comprehensive payment that covers all aspects of a patient's episode of care. By diving deep into episode analysis, claims activity, and practice performance, we leverage valuable data insights through our platform.
These insights empower providers and health plans to manage costs effectively and ultimately produce superior outcomes for their patients.
Scorecards and Outcome Dashboards provide critical insights into care gaps and quality performance KPIs. Our VBC platform integrates data from multiple sources to create a unified view of patient and population health. This enables providers to identify gaps in care, analyze SDoH data, connect patients with appropriate providers, and improve transitional care management. Scorecard is a vital tool to quickly identify patients who are chronically ill and at risk.
By leveraging our platform, organizations can make informed care decisions, close gaps in chronic disease management, and improve healthcare outcomes. Say goodbye to missing information and disjointed data, and embrace a single source of truth for better care.

Scorecards and Outcome Dashboards

Community Care Management

Our VBC platform empowers care teams with a unified source of patient data, enabling proactive identification of individuals at high risk of long-term health complications, Ex: Hypertension, Kidney disease, and Diabetes. It also helps in preventing readmission, closing care gaps, and facilitating personalized care plans thereby advancing community care management.
Our platform supports smoother transitions, improves patient engagement, and enhances informed decision-making. With a communitywide approach, we facilitate care coordination and management between visits, ensuring comprehensive and effective healthcare.
Quality reporting is a critical component of value-based care solutions. We understand the challenges posed by regulatory changes, and we are here to help navigate them together.
Through our comprehensive guidance and support, we ensure that you stay updated on regulatory requirements and best practices for both federal and state reporting measures. We empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to meet quality reporting obligations and drive improved outcomes for patients and providers alike.

Quality Reporting

Maximize risk-based contract outcomes

Maximizing risk-based contract outcomes involves harnessing the power of actionable insights derived from data analytics. By leveraging these insights, become well-informed about the risk factors associated with any risk-based contract. This knowledge empowers you to enhance operational efficiency, drive profitability, and make the best use of alternate payment models such as Medicare Shared Savings Program.

With our innovative VBC platform, you can make calculated risk-taking decisions that yield optimal results. By combining data-driven analytics and a focus on value-based care, we provide the tools and support needed to maximize the benefits of risk-based contracts. With our innovative VBC platform, you can make calculated risk-taking decisions that yield optimal results. By combining data-driven analytics and a focus on value-based care, we provide the tools and support needed to maximize the benefits of risk-based contracts.

Strengthening Risk Adjustment Performance and Excellence

Cognize Health’s NLP technology automates and streamlines HCC coding, thereby improving RAF scores. By utilizing natural language processing (NLP) to read medical records, our platform accurately identifies risk, enhances efficiency, and improves the ROI of risk adjustment programs, supporting the transition to value-based care and risk-based contracting.

Our NLP, ML and AI technology enables healthcare players in adjusting risk through chart review and chart audit processes and supports clinical decision making through suspect analysis and risk prioritization.


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