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Facilitating the Transition of Specialty Practices to Value-Based Care

Advancing innovation to influence the rise of value-based care practices

Improved care management, Enhanced Performance, and better outcomes through Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Improve Care Coordination
Cognize Health supports a person-centric approach through proactive health monitoring, coordination, and facilitation across the care continuum for patients and populations with certain risks, chronic conditions, and complications. This helps to eliminate care blind spots and achieve optimal quality, costs, and health outcomes.
Better Manage the demands of value-based care
We strengthen provider-member relationships, remove obstacles to the collection of clinical and financial data and foster more efficient administrative and operational processes for Accountable Care Organizations and Providers to aid them in successfully navigating the demands of value-based care.
Empower Care Managers
Cognize Health empowers care managers in establishing a sustainable, high-performing network by giving them a greater awareness of the rising healthcare expenses, missed diagnoses, and over-utilization.

Gain actionable insights, Improve clinician decision-making, Enhance patient experience & Identify care gaps.

Seamless Transitions for Enhanced Care

Seamless Transitions for Enhanced Care

Improve care coordination with seamless transitions. Enable smooth exchanges of information between healthcare settings to ensure continuous care and better patient outcomes. Eliminate blindspots and streamline data flow from hospitals to homes for coordinated care of managed populations.

Data-Driven Insights for Better Outcomes

Drive better care outcomes with data-driven insights. Coordinate patient care among providers, sharing vital information and recommendations. Utilize real-time insights to make informed decisions, optimize care strategies, and improve patient outcomes.

Data-Driven Insights for Better Outcomes
Optimizing Financial Performance

Optimizing Financial Performance

Optimize financial performance through accuracy and cost reduction. Gain real-time awareness of encounters, minimizing duplicative care. Maximize the impact of care management programs, reducing readmissions and unnecessary utilization for improved financial stability.

Cognize Health - VBC platform

A single source of truth to empower your organization and providers in making well-informed care decisions for your patients and populations.

PAC Network Management

  • Improve Transitions from Acute to Post-Acute stages
  • Benefit from the capabilities of PAC Network Management in reducing lengths of stay and achieving better patient outcomes.
  • Monitor partner quality and outcomes in real-time, enabling effective collaboration and intervention.

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Cognize Health - VBC platform

Value-driven care solutions that make a difference

Fostering Innovation in Healthcare
Foster innovation and reduce disparities in healthcare delivery. Our Value-Based Care solutions provide visibility and insights to monitor and coordinate care across settings. Proactively address changing patient needs to drive innovation, and discoveries, and improve outcomes.
Minimizing Avoidable Utilization for Cost-Effective Care
Reduce avoidable utilization and optimize resource utilization. Receive real-time notifications for high-risk patients and use predictive readmission scores. Coordinate care, improve performance, and achieve better outcomes while reducing costs.

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